1 Eponym        Printed publications & built objects, in collaboration with Emily Schofield, 2019
2 E.J.R Barnes        Website design for furniture designer Elliot Barnes, 2022
3 A.L.P.O        Album artwork and limited edition cassette design for Elliot Clare, 2022
4 Tarmac        Research publication, with polytechnic studio, 2022
5 The Electricity in Me        Poster and credit/titles layout for  film ‘The Electricity in Me’ , 2022
6 Lethaby Gallery        Identity design for CSM, printed, digital and spacial assets, 2022

7 The Blind Sea        Poster design for short film ‘The Electricity in Me, 2022
8 DTG        Website construction and partial design, in collaboration with Paul Berges, 2022
9 The Great Wen        Display furniture & Publication design for group exhibition, 2022
10 This Body of  Work        Collection of made objects & online exhibition layout, 2021
11 Arome        Illustrations for online shop and uniforms for bakery in central london, 2020
12 Terminal        Display furniture for RCA Vis Com degree show, 2021